Cardiovascular Health & Atrial Fibrillation

Vascular Disease. Heart Disease. Type II Diabetes. High Blood Pressure. High Blood Fats and Cholesterol.Arrhythmias and Atrial Fibrillation.

Because it is the leading cause of death in the United States we focus on cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease and arrhythmias progress after conventional therapies are used to stabilize complications. Simply treating heart disease isn’t good enough, we need to heal the heart. These conditions are often rooted in inflammatory states, though you don’t feel them for many years down the road. Certain medications are utilized to make numbers look good on lab work, but the inflammation remains and the disease continues to progress. Heart disease rarely affects the heart alone. If we forget about the rest of the organism you will not be healthy and you will not heal. We want to employ prevention and early prediction before these dysfunctional disorders come about. We want to heal the heart after symptoms have developed.

We will dig deep to find the root causes of heart disease. We test beyond simple blood tests.
We want to find the imbalances and inflammation that damage the heart.

Many of these causes include:
– Psychological Stress
– Gut Dysbiosis and Microbiota
– Heavy Metals
– Environmental Toxins and Pollutants
– Mitochondrial Dysfunctions
– Insulin Resistance
– Nutrient Deficiencies
– Sleep disturbance


When it comes to implementing change to correct imbalances and inflammation, diet and lifestyle changes are of primary importance. Our program, Heal Your Heart, leaves behind old and failed ideas to implement permanent lifestyle and diet changes.

Coaching: We will make change permanent through one on one coaching, group education, and by building a community of support.
Heal Your Heart Group Program: The knowledge you need to Heal Your Heart. The support and collective wisdom of your peers. A complete curriculum and the basis for lifelong learning.
Functional Medicine: Functional testing goes above and beyond traditional medicine to understand the root causes of disease. Nutritional and supplement support is crucial while healing occurs.
Cardiology: All of this while your heart is cared for expertly.

If you have those questions, feel free to give the office a call. 303-500-3038.

Also join the Natural Rhythms Community to be part of a conversation about atrial fibrillation and healing the heart.

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