“I am passionate about bringing healing to people with heart problems.

Simply treating heart disease isn’t good enough anymore.”

J Thomas Svinarich MD FACC FHRS IFMCP

At Colorado Center for Functional Medicine we want to help you because you are open to the possibility of healing, willing to explore new ideas, and recognize that the heart heals together with the whole person.

You want to participate in a conversation about healing your heart. You don’t need another “expert” to tell you what to do about your atrial fibrillation or heart disease. But what about collaborating with someone who has extraordinary medical credentials, vast experience treating atrial fibrillation, extensive training in functional medicine, and who has experienced atrial fibrillation himself?

You know that heart problems will progress unless something is done to heal the heart. You want to reduce your reliance on medications and procedures. You understand that old ideas have failed to reverse heart disease. You are open to integrating new ideas into conventional cardiology practice. You want to be part of a movement that is changing health care.

No nonsense. No simple solutions.

Atrial fibrillation results from fibrosis or scaring of the atrium and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. Every person has unique reasons for developing these problems. Atrial fibrillation is a complicated chronic disease that requires a sophisticated approach. Holistic and complimentary approaches have a place but need to be wisely and compassionately added to conventional practice to be effective.

Functional Cardiology

Functional Cardiology is bringing together experience and insight in Cardiology, Functional Medicine, coaching, and community building to heal the heart.

A Structure and a Community for real and permanent change

When the right structures are in place, real health changes happen. When there is ongoing support from your peers, family, doctors, and coaches change is sustained.



We will make change permanent through one on one coaching, group education, and by building a community of support.

Heal Your Heart Group Program:

The knowledge you need to Heal Your Heart. The support and collective wisdom of your peers. A complete curriculum and the basis for lifelong learning.

Functional Medicine:

Functional testing goes above and beyond traditional medicine to understand the root causes of disease. Nutritional and supplement support is crucial while healing occurs.


All of this while your heart is cared for expertly.


Join the Natural Rhythms Community. Participate in a conversation about healing your heart.

Natural Rhythms Community www.NaturalRhythmsFC.com

Be part of a movement that changes health care. Experience Functional Cardiology and be treated as a whole person, getting to the root causes of problems, and using the most natural means possible for healing. Contact us at Colorado Center for Functional Medicine

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