At Colorado Center for Functional Medicine we treat heart disease focusing on changes in nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. These are the cornerstones of Healing the Heart. But the reality is that behavior change is hard. Many people try, but few people are successful at accomplishing meaningful and long lasting change. Experience has showed that only one in seven people are able to make behavioral changes when recommended for severe medical conditions.

Providing information, instructions, and reminders is not successful for achieving behavioral change.

Behavior changes are an adaptive challenge that can only be met by transforming mindset.

Changing mindset is the role of a professional certified health coach.

Professional health coaching to transform mindset is high level activity.  We utilize motivational interviewing, tap into character strengths, and use positive psychology to achieve goals that are client focused.

Support, community, and education are also an important part of the coaching program.

Although the most important reason for coaching is behavioral change, there is also the need to educate and facilitate implementation of therapeutic programs that may include:

  • Maintaining a nutrient dense diet
  • Elimination and reintroduction diet
  • Other specific diet plans and fasting techniques
  • Mindfulness practices including HeartMath
  • Detoxification practices
  • Exercise practices
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Accountability
  • Maintaining connection to our practice

The CCFM Health Coach is Beth Svinarich. At a time when lay people and clinicians with little to no training or proficiency refer to themselves as “health coaches”, it is important to know that Beth has outstanding experience and credentials. She has a background in nursing with a BS from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and experience in pharmaceutical and medical device sales. She is an IFM Certified Health Coach and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach with additional nutritional training. She is a graduate of the Functional Medicine coaching Academy (FMCA),the only coach training program founded in collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), the global leader in Functional Medicine. This program is the gold standard in health coaching.

Beth is well trained to provide both education and support mindset change. This process begins with a consultation to determine your goals and needs so that a personalized program can be designed. The coaching consultation is included at no additional charge with each Functional Medicine Case Review that we perform.

When it is agreed that coaching will be beneficial there are several options available to meet individual needs.

Coaching Program with 4 months unlimited access: $450 or $125/month for 4 months

Individual coaching sessions: $95 or $75 each with package of 4 sessions

Coaching can be accessed by phone, virtually, in person, or by secure message through the CCFM patient portal.

We strongly recommend that everyone make the best use of this high level professional coaching program. Our mission is to help you to improve your health. In our experience successful treatment is far less likely in the absence of coaching.

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