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Fasting is an important aspect of the Heal Your Heart and Essentials programs at CCFM.

Please make every effort to participate in the webinar in it’s live or recorded format. It is important to participate in the fast if possible and we will modify a fast for your particular circumstance if necessary.

Why Should You Fast ?

Food stimulates the secretion of insulin; the hormone that stores the excess calories we eat as fat, to be used later. Trouble is, when we eat frequently we never have low insulin and never use the stored up fat energy. Reducing calories and being hungry just decreases metabolism or burns up muscle. Only low insulin levels like you get from fasting can make a permanent dent in stored fat.

Losing weight is important. We need to get rid of the visceral fat that builds up around the internal organs and causes heart-damaging inflammation.

But, the healing magic of fasting occurs when you keep it up for several days. That’s when the powers like autophagy are unleashed. Autophagy is Greek for “self eating”. This is the process of cleaning out damaged proteins and damaged cell parts that gum up the machinery of our bodies. Fasting for several days also stimulate stem cells and unlocks other healing programs in the body.

Fasting by yourself is no fun. Colorado Center for Functional Medicine will host our monthly Community Fast. We will prepare together with a webinar, and registrants can download the CCFM Guide to Fasting eBook. We will offer a daily call in, every morning during the fasting week for support, and to share tips and techniques. Be on the lookout for emails with further details!

Together we can have a fasting experience, that if not fun, is least interesting. Register now and invite your friends.

Dr Tom Svinarich MD

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