Our exposure to toxins is extremely widespread. Toxins large or small wil bioaccumulate in our bodies and cause a plethora of chronic diseases for us. In fact, even small amounts can combine and become even more toxic to us, than in large amounts.

Why detoxify?

In essence, you are what you eat, drink, breathe, touch and can’t eliminate from your body.

Its been estimated that adults carry about 700 different chemicals in our body and a newborn has about 200 chemicals in their body.

Since the 1940s over 85,000 chemicals have been registered with the EPA.
Each year there are 2000 more chemicals added to the registry.

Sources for these toxins and toxicants include agriculture, our water supply, our food supply, carpets, clothing, the air we breathe, and many others.

Many of these chemicals will disrupt our hormone system, disrupt our energy systems, and create significant amounts of inflammation in us.

Toxins have been linked to cancer, diabetes, cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue, energy production, obesity and multiple other chronic conditions.

Detoxification is performed mainly by the liver, the kidney, the gut, lungs, and skin. But every cell in our body has the ability to detox when given the nutrients to do so. Often times though targeted supplementation needs to be employed if the body has been burdened with too much over the years. Measuring environmental pollutants and heavy metals, anti-oxidants aid us is targeting the support for certain toxins in the body.

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