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We know change is hard. You may know what to do, but soon you yo yo back to your old ways. Professional health coaching allows you to sustain these changes, make them a habit, and holds you accountable during the toughest times.

What does a health coach do?

  • EMPOWERS you to discover your own wisdom and strength

  • HELPS you create and find solutions to your problems

  • SUPPORTS you without judgement

  • HOLDS you accountable in order to reach your goals

Making real, lasting lifestyle changes doesn’t come overnight. It doesn’t come by telling you what to do one time. It takes ongoing effort and support. When overcoming chronic disease, quitting early is not an option. Most of our chronic disease are due to poor lifestyle and nutrition choices. Many doctors would not even be needed if lifestyle and nutrition in place.


We NEED health coaches… Why?


  • 1 in 3 Americans has prediabetes or diabetes

  • 85% of our healthcare spending goes towards chronic disease

  • Chronic disease will generate $47 trillion in healthcare costs by 2030

  • 7 of 10 deaths are caused by chronic disease

  • Kids born today are expected to live shorter lifespans than their parents


Our health coach is an integral component of your success. She is your anchor to achieving health. Our health coach will walk you through food plans, nutritional recommendations, help you engage in relaxation response and heartmath, teach you components of everyday life in order to work towards health. She is in constant contact with the doctors and is there for you when you need her.


Do I have to see the doctors in order receive health coaching?


Absolutely not. Many patients do not necessarily need doctor oversight. If you feel you know what to do and your health if fairly good you may not need to see the doctors. If you need new ideas, accountability, nutrition advice, and someone knowledgeable to put you in the right direction then a health coach may be all you need. 

If you would like a discovery call to speak with our doctors or health coach about how we can help you please call 303-500-3038.


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