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Our approach is different. We want you to understand what functional medicine is. Call and schedule a free 10 min phone call to speak with the Doctor or wellness coach. Find out how we can help you and what the best path is for you moving forward. 

Whether you are looking to treat a specific condition or optimize health for more energy, we can help you decide which route is the best fit. This 10-minute call with Dr. Bantock or our wellness coaches will answer any questions you may have and is the perfect way to start your health journey.

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The Consult (60-90 MIN)

More comprehensive than the Discovery Call, this consultation is for people with specific conditions looking to better understand which testing will provide the most benefit. Dr. Bantock will review your history, truly listen to your story, check prior bloodwork or labs, and go over your current diet and supplement routine.

This process will allow us to determine and agree upon which advanced laboratory testing is necessary and make any further nutritional or supplement changes. Guidance and support are essential and take more than 10-15 minutes which most people receive from conventional doctors. Laboratory testing may include a comprehensive blood chemistry panel, hormones, adrenal assessments, advanced stool analysis, urinary testing, breath testing, or salivary testing.

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Health Coaching &  Personal Training

We know change is hard. You may know what to do, but soon you transition back to your old ways. Professional health coaching allows you to sustain these changes, make them a habit, and hold yourself accountable during the toughest times.

What does a health coach do?

• EMPOWERS you to discover your wisdom and strength
• HELPS you create and find solutions to your problems
• SUPPORTS you without judgment
• HOLDS you accountable to reach your goals

If you want to begin a new resistance training or exercise program but don’t know where to start, our personal trainers can help design a personalized routine based on your time, equipment, and goals.

One hour case review and lab interpretation

After the consultation, once your lab results are complete, we will review them to determine what nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle modifications are best for you. We will also determine if any additional testing is necessary. You will leave with a clear understanding of what is happening in your body and have a targeted plan to get the best results.

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Essentials Program

This 10-month program is designed to entirely overhaul health and address specific conditions which have been occurring for months and sometimes even years. There is no better way to take charge of your health than to work with our team of doctors and coaches who can help identify and address the root of your condition.

The Essentials Program covers all visits with the doctor and wellness coaches. Wellness coaching will discuss food, sleep, breathwork, exercise with optional personal training, and accountability.

Because exercise is vital for health, our personal trainers can help design a customized resistance training or workout program based on your goals, available equipment, and time commitments.

This program is an investment designed to last for the remainder of your life and help get your energy, mood, and vitality back. Reclaim your health and lay a new path for the future!

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Employee Health Optimization

The health of a company depends on the health of its employees. This plan is designed to improve the well-being of employees with comprehensive testing, individual coaching, supplementation, and education.

Studies show that productivity, quality of work, and communication improve if employees are healthy, well-rested, and have ways to mitigate workplace stress.

This is not the typical corporate wellness plan based on mindfulness and exercise; it is based on individual test results and personalized coaching. This plan can be one of the best investments for any company looking to improve performance and productivity.

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Men’s Health Optimization

Many men experience various adverse health effects associated with aging, from energy loss, weight gain, poor mood, and sexual dysfunction. Even with a healthy diet and solid exercise routine, underlying health conditions can still appear.

The conventional approach of drugs or testosterone replacement therapy may not be the best approach for all men, so we focus on restoring health through more natural ways. Our comprehensive testing looks at the full spectrum of each male to get a deeper understanding of the root problem. We then address it through targeted nutraceuticals, lifestyle coaching, and personalized nutrition to restore health and get the body back on track.

It is never too late to begin the journey of restoring health and living a life that aligns with your goals. Don’t let poor health hold you back from being your true self.

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Women’s Health Optimization

Our goal is to help women feel energized, motivated, and fit without synthetic hormones. This program is designed to identify any problems which might be developing before they turn into significant health concerns. Even if you have not been diagnosed with any conditions, it is still important to monitor health markers such as hormones, nutrient status, thyroid function, and insulin levels.

We dive deep and utilize advanced and expanded laboratory assessments to understand the health of your body. We work with females of all ages to identify goals and develop personalized plans to reach them. This plan can be a valuable investment for long-term health and can genuinely help women unlock new levels of vitality and well-being.

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