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Health Conditions

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Health Conditions
Detoxification Brain Health Autoimmune Disease Hormone Imbalances Chronic Inflammation Thyroid Health Cardiovascular Conditions Adrenal Dysfunction Gut Health Pain & Fibromyalgia


Our exposure to toxins is extremely widespread. Toxins large or small wil bioaccumulate in our bodies and cause a plethora of chronic diseases for us.  Read More...

Brain Health

Is the inflammation that is present from the gut, toxins, and food supply affecting the ability of the brain to do its job normally? How do you enhance your brain function? Read More...

Autoimmune Disease

Functional medicine provides a deeper understanding of what may have gone wrong when developing your autoimmune process.  To have an autoimmune disease, it is not only related to genetics. Read More...

Hormone Imbalances

Processed food, hidden sugars, high stress, and poor lifestyle eventually wipe us out and our hormones become imbalanced.  We replace them with medication, but we continue to worsen or not improve at all. Read More...

Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is associated with most if not all disease states. Read More...

Thyroid Health

About 90% of thyroid disorders are autoimmune (Hashimotos), and the immune system must be addressed in these cases.  Where is 80% of your immune system?  Your gut! Read more...

Cardiovascular Conditions

Before you have heart disease, or vascular disease, or high cholesterol what was the precursor to those states? You didn’t just all of a sudden have it, you progressed to that state. Heading it off before it gets there is significantly easier to help than when you are there. Read More...

Adrenal Dysfunction

Under stress, healthy adrenals increase their output of cortisol and DHEA to enable you to preserve health. They also secrete adrenaline, giving you a boost of energy when needed. If this becomes chronic, the adrenals can no longer keep up with the demand, and DHEA levels begin to fall, signifying adrenal exhaustion. Read More...

Gut Health

Our gut is the door to the rest of the body.  What you consume day in and day out affects the digestive system first, then the rest of your body. Read More...

Pain & Fibromyalgia

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons someone visits their doctor.  Chiropractic care is the quickest, safest, and most effective treatment for your low back pain.  Few conditions need injections or surgery and chiropractic care should be considered first. Read More...

How We Do It

Your Story

Odds are you are frustrated because you are not listened to. Prepare to be heard. We will work together to uncover your health problems.

Advanced Testing

Lets look at more than just the basics and get advanced lab testing to determine where your body is not functioning. Multiple areas of dysfunction can be contributing to your condition.

Targeted Diet & Supplements

With the information we gathered from your story, labs, and physical exam we create a targeted plan using food, supplements, and lifestyle medicine.


During this journey you are not alone. Depending on where you need support, we will help guide you that way.
If you’re looking for a natural and effective approach to your health, look no further. Dr. Bantock is a God-send… Incredibly knowledgable, excellent personal attention and customer service and very approachable. He has helped me and my family with some difficult medical issues that our other doctors couldn’t handle. It feels great to be able to improve our health naturally.

Dr. Bantock really takes care getting to the root causes of health issues. Contrary to my primary care providers over the years trying to just prescribe me sleeping aids, Dr. Bantock took the time to figure out why I was having insomnia and after some lifestyle changes and supportive supplements I am back to sleeping 8-9 hours a night.

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Natural ways to do what statins do.

Statin medications reduce the risk of coronary events, including heart attacks, in people at high risk. The main benefits occur through reducing cholesterol (really LDL particles) and inflammation (measured as hs-crp). But there are natural ways to reduce LDL...

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The Power of Professional Coaching

At Colorado Center for Functional Medicine we treat heart disease focusing on changes in nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. These are the cornerstones of Healing the Heart. But the reality is that behavior change is hard. Many people try, but few people are successful at...

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids “Fish Oil”

Omega 3 Fatty Acids “Fish Oil”

Omega 3 Fatty Acids “Fish Oil” Let’s Try and Clear Up Some Confusion Dr. Chris Bantock, DC Fish oil has received a lot of attention in the research world as well as in the media. Supplement companies are doing well with their marketing and advertising. However, let’s...

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Recent Posts

Magnesium’s Benefit and How to Get More

  When consulting patients at my functional medicine practice, I am finding many people are deficient or insufficient in magnesium. Some are taking magnesium, though they are not sure why, and some are also just taking a poor form of magnesium.   Magnesium...

Toxins in sunscreens

Your sunscreen contains these toxic chemicals We know Vitamin D synthesis is decreased with sunscreen use, but that still means we should be protecting our skin when we go outside for long periods of time.  So what should we look for in sunscreens that perhaps we...

Is it possible to delay or even reverse dementia?

Reversing Dementia with Functional Medicine Grandma doesn’t remember you.  Dad can’t remember his address, or the way home from work, or the combination to his gym locker.  Mom can’t remember any of her appointments or what she ate a few hours earlier.  We may have...

How is chronic stress affecting you? Tools to help you combat it!

Chronic Stress and Mindfulness Many people had a new years resolution about  being more mindful.  I am constantly seeing news articles about mindfulness based stress reduction and meditation.  Regardless of a new years resolution or not, mindfulness based stress...

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