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An Unconventional Approach

Low energy, poor mood, sexual dysfunction, and weight gain should not be part of the normal aging

If you have been feeling sluggish and not performing your best, it’s time to make a change.

Many men struggle with a variety of symptoms that negatively impact their quality of life. Most doctors are unable to fully address the root of the problem and leave men confused, stressed, and concerned about their health. Our approach is unconventional and may be the answer you have been looking for.

Low Testosterone

Studies show that men’s testosterone levels have significantly dropped over the past 30 years. Nearly 40% of men over the age of 45 suffer from low testosterone. This is due to modern lifestyles that are damaging to men’s health such as exposure to chemicals and pesticides, sedentary jobs, lack of movement throughout the day, prescription drugs, alcohol, and high-stress levels. Quick fixes are available through synthetic testosterone and exogenous hormones but require long-term commitments and frequent injections. Our approach is based on functional medicine and ancestral health practices which produce natural and long-term results.

Muscle Loss

Sacropenia is muscle loss that occurs with age and is associated with declines in testosterone and growth hormone. If you have been training consistently or experiencing loss of lean muscle mass, we can help.

Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can be extremely detrimental to relationships and emotional well-being. Many men rely on Viagra or Cialis but this only covers up the root cause. We can dive deeper and help overcome these two debilitating conditions.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is associated with age but isn’t directly caused by it. Many men resort to fad diets or extreme workouts only to get burned out and frustrated. Improving body composition (lean mass/fat ratio) is possible without drastically cutting calories and excessive training.


Low energy and lack of discipline go hand in hand. When the body is not recovering properly, sex hormones and attitude plummet. Our goals are to enhance sleep, improve mindset, and correct imbalances in order to restore energy back to optimal levels.

Poor Mood

Low testosterone can lead to mood swings and is associated with frustration, anger, and hostility. Improving mood is more than just smiling and laughing, it is about restoring hormone levels back to baseline.



No two men are the same which is why we take the time to listen, understand, and build a plan that is unique for every individual.



Our package involves the most comprehensive blood work in the industry so we can identify exactly what your body needs and if there is any underlying health conditions we need to address.



Cost is a major factor in many men’s decision to bypass healthcare. We don’t want this to be the case which is why our program is much cheaper than other clinics.


Science Backed

We only use natural methods that have been proven to work. We don’t rely on drugs or synthetic testosterone (TRT) which can produce quick results but runs the risk of creating dependence and long-term negative consequences.

Our Passion is to Unlock Your True Potential

Our Process

The main stream narrative is that aging causes a drop in testosterone, muscle mass, and health. The only solution for many doctors is either drugs or testosterone replacement therapy to “fix” the problem. We disagree and believe lifestyle habits, nutrition, and targeted supplements can address the root cause and return the body to a state of optimal health.

Lab Work

We begin the process with a full, comprehensive blood panel in order to identify specific health priorities. The panel covers: hormones, inflammation levels, full thyroid panel, cortisol, leptin, micronutrients, insulin, and much more.

Follow Up with Functional Medicine Provider

After your labs are done and we’ve received your results, you will have an hour-long case review with Dr. Bantock. He will determine the most effective course of action to maximize results.

Precision Coaching

Our health coaches work alongside Dr. Bantock to help deliver support, answer questions, and ensure that progress is being made. Effective coaching is not based on a “one size fits all” approach. It must be  centered around the results of the blood work and on patients goals. 

Targeted Nutraceuticals

We only use the highest quality supplements sourced from well respected companies in the functional medicine realm. Because we stock and ship from our clinic, we ensure all products are safe and affordable. Our goal is to ensure that patients utilize quality produces and receive free shipping on all orders.

Personalized Training Program

Our coaches will develop a sustainable and effective training routine to help improve body composition, strength, energy levels, and performance. We utilize a program called PT Enhance so patients can view all movements and effectively track workouts.

Modified Food Plan

Instead of restricing food and cutting calories, we recommend a whole foods diet that eliminates 5 “trigger” categories which are harmful for overall health and greatly decrease testosterone production. This is the foundation of the eating plan and can be customized further based on goals and discipline.

Don’t let poor health prevent you from living life as your true self

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