Women’s Health Optimization

Take your health to the next level. 

A Different Approach

It’s common today for many women to experience a variety of symptoms that negatively impact overall well-being. Many doctors are unable to treat these symptoms because no disease is present. Our goal is to help bring health back to optimal levels by addressing the underlying cause without drugs or hormones.

Our Process

We make the journey as simple as possible and focus precisely on what you need.

Comprehensive Labs

The most detailed blood work on the market. We analyze inflammation, hormones, insulin, micronutrients, and other key biomarkers. This will give us a starting point of where to begin treatment. 

Personalized Consultation

Dr. Bantock will give you a detailed breakdown and analysis of your labwork so you fully understand what is going on in your body. 


Four coaching sessions to help establish sustainable lifestyle modifications. These sessions are also designed to help educate and motivate to help make lasting change.

We have helped many women overcome health challenges

If you have not been feeling yourself lately and are not getting help from you conventional healthcare provider, its time to give functional medicine a shot. Through our comprehensive bloodwork and consultation, we can help develop a personalized plan to directly address your health concerns.


Feeling tired and living with low energy should not be a part of daily life. 

Thinning Hair

Hair that is fine, coarse, and thinning can be early warning signs of an underlying condition. 

Weight Gain

Losing weight requires more than just diet and exercise. We can help find areas that you may not be addressing.


Drugs for anxiety and stress can sometimes only make things worse. We can help address anxiety with diet, stress reduction, and supplementation. 

Poor Digestion

Poor digestion can come from multiple factors and is not always from the foods we eat.



We work hard to get to the root of your specific health concerns.



We utilize the most comprehensive blood work in the industry so we can identify exactly what your body needs.



Our goals are to make functional medicine affordable so patients can continue to live healthy and active lifestyles. 


Science Backed

We dont rely on drugs or synthetic hormones. Our methods are backed by science and proven to produce results. 

Our Passion is to Restore Your Vitality

Don’t let poor health prevent you from living life as your true self

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