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Dr. Chris Bantock

Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

Dr. Chris Bantock, DC practices functional medicine in Denver and surrounding communities. He certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Bantock is a native of Colorado and graduated from University of Colorado with a degree in Integrative Physiology.

He then graduated valedictorian from Cleveland University in Kansas City with his doctorate. Before starting practice Dr. Bantock volunteered for World Spine Care as a spine clinician where he practiced in Botswana, Africa.  Additionally, Dr. Bantock has received his certifification in acupuncture. Dr. Bantock specializes in investigating underlying factors and creating targeted health programs for chronic conditions such as heart disease, thyroid issues, digestive issues, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and hormonal dysfunctions.

Dr. Bantock utilizes the most up to date laboratory analysis that is rarely done in the conventional settings in order to help find the cause and answers to your illness. This helps tailor the needs to the individual and eliminates guessing in order to overcome your biochemical imbalances. He will use diet, lifestyle, and targeted nutritional supplements in order to restore the function to your body.

Dr. Bantock LISTENS carefully, wants to understand your condition and how this is affecting your life, and encourages you every step of the way during your path to a healthier life. He chooses to teach you and mentor you so you can live life to the max.



Ben Spies

Wellness Coach

Ben Spies is a United States Marine Veteran who has done 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  His history as a military veteran, personal trainer, entrepreneur, and personal growth advocate allows him to support you and your growth through accountability and education as you become more independent on your health journey.

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Rose Martinez

Patient Care Coordinator

Rose has extensive experience in coordinating patients and making sure they go through the office smoothly.  She recently came from the conventional medicine setting and now decided to enter into the world of functional medicine.  As the patient care coordinator she makes sure you get your lab work completed, follows up with lab results, explains testing procedures, and is your go to person for anything in the office.  

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