Psoriatic Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension, Migraines

For the past 20 yrs I have suffered with psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, costochondritis,  and chronic migraines.  During this time I seen family practitioners, rheumatologists, herbalists,  and reiki and massage therapists. I ended up on long term steroids, prescription pain relievers, blood pressure medications, muscle relaxants, and biologic shots like Enbrel and Humira. I found little pain relief and my brain felt like to is encased in a concrete cloud. 
Then I found Dr. Bantock. Dr Bantock listens to me at every appointment and he wants to know my entire health history. He understands how eating patterns affect my health and how to improve them.  He continues to do tests to identify and treat problem areas. He put me on an elimination diet to help find out what foods were negatively affecting me he tested me for food allergies and gives me supplements to support my improving health. As a chiropractor he helps workout attention in my body and scar tissue from old injuries and he teaches me exercises to do at home to support his treatment and my improving health.
After working with him for a year and a half, I am off steroids for the 1st time in 20 years, blood pressure medication, and prescription pain relievers. I weigh 50 pounds less. I feel healthier than I have in decades. I have more energy and a better outlook on life in general. I highly recommend Dr. Bantock as a great functional medicine doctor.

Atrial Fibrillation, Sinusitis, Asthma

Hello, my name is Joe. I am a patient at Colorado Center for Functional Medicine. I am person that has  had afib for several years, persistent atrial fibrillation. I also have asthma and sinus conditions.  I was a patient of Dr. Svinarich at a practice before he moved to partner with Dr. Bantock at the Colorado Center for Functional Medicine. He recommended that I go see Chris and have some tests done and I see if  I may be able to take a different approach that would help settle down some inconsistences with my afib.
So in May, I went to the Colorado Center for Functional Medicine and saw Chris, and did some lab tests. He did very extensive amount of lab testing and basically came back with some things that I needed to work on.  Since seeing Chris, I’ve lost probably 35 pounds, and all the things that we were seeing in my blood tests have improved, most of them are within normal range now.  I’m continuing on some other things I just started, in fact right now I’m in the middle of doing the 5 day fast that Dr. Svinarich recommended to regenerate the stem cell process within my body to possibly remove some of the excess scar tissues from some of the the afib surgeries that I’ve had.
So it’s been a great experience so far, I feel excellent. Everybody I run into asks me what I’m doing because of  the weight loss, and even I think my  face looks younger at this point in time.

I feel excellent.  So just want to give you my thumbs up for the Colorado Center for Functional Medicine and all the good things they’re doing. Hopefully you get to enjoy it too. Thanks and take care.

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